Reloading / Ballistics Database

When I started reloading I did a bit of a search on the internet for suitable ballistics program. I found Pointblank and Baltraj and had a play with these but quickly realised they didn't do what I wanted.

I have been developing in Microsoft Access since the early 1990's, but it was a little while before it dawned on me I should write my own ballistics program. When your developing in MS Access, nobody starts from scratch, as you can always borrowed ideas and code from others. In my case I have taken some of the ideas and most of the ballistic calculation code used in the BalTraj application.

The main feature of my Reload database is the ability to model up to 4 loads at once and view graphically on-screen the drop/drift/velocity and energy of each for easy comparison. e.g

Plus Data entry screen for Reloading Data

 It also has a comprehensive list of bullets which I've found quite handy to compare bullet weights and BC with various calibers.

And a comprehensive list of cartridges so you can check case capacities etc:

And probably most important if your into longer range shooting, you can generate a drop chart that is adjusted for your particular scopes turret calibration and has four slopes:

Sept 2014 Update: I've now stopped supporting the older access MDB format, so the application is now only available for Access Version 2007 and newer that support .ACCDB format.
I suggest you download the User Guide first and have a quick read to see if the database will be any use to you, before downloading the app. If you like it, you can then clear the sample data out using the button in Setup-Maintenance

Here are the files to download (Version 3.02, release date 1/9/2014, last updated 1/9/2014)

User Guide and Install instructions:     - ReloadUserGuide.pdf (PDF file 460k)

Access 2007-13 Files (accdb):